"That was the best fundraiser.  EVER."
         - Sara K.

"I was so nervous that my boss and I were on the same team.  But it was a blast!"
        - Jeff N.

"The workout, the beer, the food, the speaker...Networkouts are AWESOME!"

        - Amy R.

"When are we doing that again?"  

        -Zack R.

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WHY are they SMILING?

For some of us, the idea of networking is more unattractive than the idea of having a root canal. The small talk. The awkwardness. The selling yourself. Trying to remember names. Trying to sound interested when you have NO. IDEA. WHAT. HE’S. TALKING. ABOUT. The feeling when a fellow networker checks out your name badge, dismissing you as not worthy of making eye contact because she currently has no need for what your professional skill set offers. Why is it so difficult for some? Yet others have no trouble. They love meeting new people, immediately connect the dots, and have introductions whizzing around the internet before you have gotten out of the parking lot.   

The same is true for exercise. For some, a sweat session is as appealing as being asked to walk barefooted through fire with 47 feral cats hanging onto your bare skin after a bad sunburn. For others, it’s an endorphin rush that makes them feel like they purged all of life's woes in under 60 minutes.  

Then there’s philanthropy. Supporting causes you care about. Showing up for your community. It’s something many of us wish we could do, or wish we could do more. But who has the time? 

Wherever you may fall on the spectrum, one thing most of us never have enough of is time. Time to network. Time to exercise. Time to socialize. Time to volunteer. (Imagine if your Networkout supported your favorite cause. With a Networkout4Good event, it can!)  Time for “me” time.   Networkout solves all of that. With sweat being the magical equalizer, everyone seems to shed the mask when they are doing burpees (no, that isn’t a digestive problem) next to a fellow sufferer. Add great music, some humor, and the promise of tasty refreshments to follow, while raising funds for the causes that matter to you, and you have the perfect Networkout event. And the best part for the keynote speaker? Your audience will be too tired to be moving around or running for the door during your compelling address. You will have a captive audience.  

Want to plan an event for your company, team, nonprofit or professional organization?  Networkout provides fitness events, team building and nonprofit fundraising events in Raleigh in a fresh, fun new way.

Support local fitness, learn about local offerings, and raise funds for causes you care about.

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Our Mission

our fitness partners

When people gather professionally to sweat for a good cause or to build connections, traditional masks come off, and participants are much happier and more authentic than they normally allow themselves to be in a professional setting.  

The result?  Something REAL happens.  These events have been called "the best fundraiser" or "work event" people have ever attended.  We agree.  And we wanted to make it more widely available.


We partner with local businesses to provide refreshing food, craft beer, cold-pressed juices, massage services, trunk shows, guest speakers and more.  Our goal is to make your event fun and engaging while providing an opportunity for local businesses and fitness studios to meet you and your guests, and share some of their expertise with you.

Our mission is to create events that allow participants to network and grow (personally and professionally) while enjoying a great workout, a great time, and supporting community causes. 

Where else can you pack networking, fitness and community support into under 2 hours? That's what we thought!

Typical Networkout events are about 2 hours long, and are suitable for ALL fitness levels.  

  • First 15 minutes - Getting oriented, getting changed, saying hello to your colleagues.
  • Next 45 minutes -  The Workout!
  • Next 60 minutes -  Socializing, Refreshments, Cooldown and Guest Speaker or Presentation​

We partner with local boutique fitness studios, gyms, yoga and pilates studios, and personal trainers to deliver a safe, effective and fun workout or team building event in Raleigh for your group.

Want to partner with us?  

Have fun building professional relationships in a unique way.


professional connection. fitness. community.  

in under 2 hours.


Plan the networking, team building or fundraising event that will leave them talking.  And sweaty!


Enjoy a sweaty workout and feel your stress melt away while meeting new people.